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We help treat all urological conditions

Urology is the medical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract in females and of the genitourinary tract in males. Our team of pharmacists at AcutusRx are highly experienced providing drug treatment for all urological conditions.


Bladder Cancer

These symptoms are not sure signs of bladder cancer. Infections, benign tumors, bladder stones or other problems also can cause these symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction

The hallmark symptom of erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. This condition also may involve problems with emission, ejaculation and orgasm.

Genitourinary Tract Injuries

Symptoms of genitourinary injury differ depending on the location of the trauma. However, some common symptoms may include:

Problems with sperm production is by far the most common of the three, and can be detected during semen analysis.

Kidney Cancer

In its early stages, kidney cancer usually causes no obvious signs or troublesome symptoms. As a kidney tumor grows, symptoms may occur. These may include:

Peronei’s Disease

Due to the formation of scar tissue in the penis, patients with Peyronie's disease may experience pain and a curvature or distortion, such as a shortening or narrowing of the penis, during an erection. In severe cases, these symptoms may lead to erectile dysfunction.


Symptoms of priapism include a prolonged and often painful erection without sexual stimulation.

Testicular Cancer

Most men can detect their own testicular cancers. Doctors generally examine the testicles during routine physical exams. Between regular checkups, if you notice anything unusual about your testicles, you should talk with your doctor.

Urethral Injuries

Injuries that cause significant damage to the urethra may lead to urinary strictures or obstructions. As a result, a person may experience a variety of symptoms, including:

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