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Electronic prescribing, allows physicians to submit prescriptions to pharmacies electronically through an electronic medical record (EMR) system. ePrescribing increases the speed, ease, safety and accuracy of submitting a prescription, reducing the number of faxes and paper waste.

ePrescriptions can be submitted to AcutusRx at the electronic by doing a quick search using our name. As prescriptions arrived to our pharmacy they will be routed to the appropriate team for dispensing.

Clinical Support

Our team of clinical pharmacists works closely with physicians and serve as a resource center for them and their staffs on everything related to medication. By ensuring a higher level of collaborative care we able help physicians achieve the quality metrics targets stablished by CMS and health plans.

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Customer Testimonails

ACUTUSRX Pharmacy has great staff, very friendly and helpful!!

Jane P. Acutus Rx Customer
Customer Testimonails

ACUTUSRX takes great care of me and my family.

Paul S. Acutus Rx Customer
Customer Testimonails

ACUTUSRX goes out of their way to follow up!!

Sanji D. Acutus Rx Customer
Customer Testimonails

ACUTUSRX thinks out of the box when it comes to patient care

Maria M. Acutus Rx Customer
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