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Reporting Capability

AcutusRx has extensive data reporting capabilities. With our robust and state-of-the-art data management platform we are able to capture, analyze and generate reports that enable us to align our patient and provider approach with our pharmaceutical partners. When partnering with AcutusRx pharmaceutical companies can obtain the experience and knowledge needed to navigate effective distribution and dispensing where REMS programs, data collection and reporting, reimbursement assistance and patient compliance programs are necessary. In addition to our data reporting capabilities, AcutusRx utilizes both the Electronic Quality Improvement Platform for Plans and Pharmacies (EQuIPP) as well as PrescribeWellness.

Prescribe Wellness

Prescribe Wellness is a patient-centric toll that helps pharmacies identify and support all of a patient’s health care needs. Visualize and act on patients’ data to instantly see opportunities for better patient service and increased adherence.


EQuIPP is a performance information management platform that allows pharmacies and pharmacists to better understand the impact they have on patient care by providing user-friendly dashboards of benchmarked performance information, based on accepted standards of quality care. Further, the EQuIPP platform allows pharmacists, whether in a large pharmacy setting or an independent community pharmacy, to connect to resources that help them improve.

Delivery service

AcutusRx utilizes a word class courier service company to provide patients with door-to-door hand delivery. We use reputable and reliable partners such FeDEx.

Customer Service

AcutusRx is committed to provide our patients the highest level of customer service.

What AcutusRx Clients are Saying?

Customer Testimonails

ACUTUSRX Pharmacy has great staff, very friendly and helpful!!

Jane P. Acutus Rx Customer
Customer Testimonails

ACUTUSRX takes great care of me and my family.

Paul S. Acutus Rx Customer
Customer Testimonails

ACUTUSRX goes out of their way to follow up!!

Sanji D. Acutus Rx Customer
Customer Testimonails

ACUTUSRX thinks out of the box when it comes to patient care

Maria M. Acutus Rx Customer
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