What is AcutusRx?
AcutusRx is a full service pharmacy located in Hicksville, New York.
Would AcutusRx deliver my medication free of charge?
Yes. AcutusRx offers free home delivery.
Can my doctor send my prescriptions electronically to AcutusRx?
Yes. AcutusRx has the ability to receive electronic prescriptions.
How can my doctor locate AcutusRx in their system?
Your doctor can simply locate AcutusRx by doing a quick pharmacy search using the word “AcutusRx LLC or our address 290 Duffy Ave, Suite-F Hicksville NY 11801”.
How do I get in touch with AcutusRx?
You can call us directly at 1-855-830-6666 or via email at info@acutusrx.com